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Pet Business Writers, LLC, is a content writing service supporting the pet service industry, including pet sitters, dog walkers, trainers, boarders, groomers, and more. We currently offer e-newsletters and articles containing quality pet content.

Meet our mascot! We selected the hyacinth macaw as our mascot because macaws are considered among the most intelligent of all birds. Macaws are captivating, sociable, and capable of mimicking words and phrases, sometimes in the correct context. They make good pets when owners are dedicated, responsible, and well-informed. These are all characteristics we consider desirable for quality content writing for pet service businesses.

Did You Know?

The hyacinth macaw is the longest macaw species and largest flying parrot species. It measures about three feet three inches (one meter) in length from head to tail tip.

Our Company and Mascot

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Professional. Knowledgeable. Experienced.
Dr Janet Reed - Owner, Editor-in-Chief

Dr. Janet Reed

Owner, Editor-in-Chief

Dr. Janet Reed is our owner and editor-in-chief and she knows the pet service business well. She owns and operates Dr. J’s Pet Services, LLC, a pet sitting and dog walking business in Austin, Texas, USA. Dr. J is a Fear Free® Certified Professional, a Pet Sitter International Certified Professional Pet Sitter®, and holds degrees in Communications and Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences.

Before she entered the pet service industry, Dr. J wrote and edited marketing newsletters for real estate companies, including RE/MAX®, Century 21®, and Coldwell Banker, and was an editor for a top government contractor in healthcare programs. Dr. J’s wildlife research is published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Dr Janet Reed - Owner, Editor-in-Chief